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- Install CardxWin -
Download CardxWin Version 1.96 Beta
Download the Install Package to your desktop.
Right click on an empty place on your desktop and create a New Folder.
Right click on the CardxWin.zip file and drag it over the new folder.
Left click on WinZip and click Extract to Here.
Double click on the folder and double click on Setup.exe.

- Five Minute Easy UpGrade -

Download (Save) both files to your desktop or a folder.
Double click on CardxWin.exe
Delete both files on your desktop after upgrading.
Version 1.98 Beta
These files may be of a newer version then what's in the Install Package
You must have CardxWin Installed!

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CardxWin Revisions
Version 2.00
  Changed RemindWin Popup alarm date from 09/30/2007 to Sat - Sept 30 2007.
Version 1.99
  Fixed fastforward to display missed events in RemindWin.
  Added check for empty dimension fields in Label Printing.
  Entered dimensions for Avery Label 5160.
Version 1.98
  Added Copy button to Remind Manage.
Version 1.97
  CardxWin on top when it first starts.
Version 1.96
  Changed font to Courier New and font size to larger characters.
Version 1.95
  Added Synchronize DBs to File Menu, have the same data at home and office.
  Added click on time to set time over the internet.
Version 1.94
  Major improvement in editing.
  Improved Search for records.
Version 1.93
  Separated Display Records and Edit records to simplify programming problems
  Fixed Search for records.
Version 1.92
  Fixed RemindWin when Date/Time is changed to stop nuisance alarm popups.
Version 1.91
  Added mouse scroll wheel support to knobs of Rolodex.
Version 1.90
  Added Web Update CardxWin and RemindWin to File Menu.
Version 1.89
  Fixed RemindWin, if Windows adjusted time and date backwards there were a number of nuisance alarms.
Version 1.88
  Added click on cards back of main card and record is then in main window.
Version 1.87
  Sorted File Menu.
Version 1.86
  Added ability to disable RemindWin in Config.
Version 1.85
  Fixed Find and Search.
  Three cosmetic changes to Remind Manage.
Version 1.84
  Added Create DB (database) to File Menu.
Version 1.83
  Fixed editing large text box problems.
Version 1.82
  Added delete PhoneLog records.
  Added ControlBox close all windows.
Version 1.81
  Added check boxes for which days of week you want reminded for Daily reminder.
Version 1.80
  Made Browse window full screen.
Version 1.79
  Added Browse database.
  Press 1 or 2 key to dial first or second phone number.
Version 1.78
  Reminder, Elapsed Time: Added Years-Months-Days, Months-Days, Weeks-Days or Days selection.
  Reminder, fixed options and check boxes with Call Check1_Click and Call Check1_Click in Populate.
  Fixed select Font error in Print Envelopes.
Version 1.77
  Fixed Week of Month when it is the first week.
  Fixed not upper case letter in Use Four Character Canadian State Y/N in Configuration window.
  Fixed no blank line in Coming Events after Elapsed Time events.
Version 1.76
  Escape key exits RemindWin event notification alarm popup window.
  Fixed Elapsed Time events, one to many months.
Version 1.75
  Added Elapsed Time Remind Events, how many years, months and days since you Quit Smoking.
  Three errors and program exits.
  Changed RemindWin fast forward from 10 to 5 miliseconds.
Version 1.74
  Fixed Search All Databases.
  Added Double Click Selection prompt to Backup Databases.
Version 1.73
  Changed the way Phonelog is displayed.
Version 1.72
  Added Search all databases.
  Fixed Dialing Phone and entering dialed number in Phonelog.
  If Calendar is up with Events or Remind Browse, close it on exit.
Version 1.71
  Fixed RemindWin loading itself twice into memory.
Version 1.70
  Fixed MS Outlook import contacts not getting Street Addresses.
Version 1.69
  Fixed Subscript Out of Range Error.
  Put Convert Old DOS Databases in File Menu.
  Uninstall: Remove ReminWin from registry startup.
Version 1.68
  Put extensive error reporting in CardxWin Timer1.
Version 1.67
  Removed all VB Script from both programs, McAfee and Norton AV has a problem with it.
  Fixed View PhoneLog.
  Fixed error in print envelopes.
  Fixed Backup errors.
Version 1.66
  Removed VB Script from RemindWin, McAfee and Norton Av has a problem with it.
Working on removing it from CardxWin.
  Removed quick update from website. If a new feature is added that requires a new
operating system file (dll or ocx file) needed to run the feature, the user wouldn't
have that file on they're computer. Reinstalling the package will install the files
Version 1.65
  Import Outlook Express WAB and/or Outlook Contacts.
Version 1.64
  Replaced Text editor, fixed obscure editing problems.
Version 1.63
  Set time of day when Coming Events pops up in Configuration.
Version 1.62
  Editing fixes.
  Cosmetic changes.
Version 1.61
  Made minor fixes to Remind, some dates were not calculated correctly.
  Improved BackUp/Restore.
Version 1.60
  Fixed major problem in Remind.
Version 1.59
  Error checking is complete.
  Show coming events at beginning of day or after computer is started up.
  Changed L LOG to V EVENTS.
  Made several changes and fixes to Remind.
Version 1.58
  Moved User files (data databases, label database, envelope database,
configuration file, reminder database and phonelog) to the My Documents folder.
In Windows XP this will provide security for each users files.
People with WinXP logons as thier first and last name, the space between the names
was causing file access problems, fixed.
  Added Use Four Character Canadian State Y/N to Configuration.
Version 1.57
  Added Error Checking in CardxWin. When an error occurs a log file is generated and the
user is prompted to email the errorlog to HMcS Computers. The email is addressed and the
ErrorLog file is attached to the email. The user is prompted in the email for additional
information of what he was doing when the error occurred. Error Checking is not complete.
  Error checking in RemindWin is the same as CardxWin and is complete!
  Fixed a display data problem on the main form.
  Fixed a problem with spaces in filenames causing errors.
Version 1.56
  If the computer is turned off for a time, when started up again all Reminder events are
displayed that would have occurred during the time the computer was off.
  Added error checking in RemindWin.
  Added how many days until event occurs in Reminder Coming Events list.
  Click on RETURN, asks if you want create Return Address database if it doesn't exist.
Version 1.55
  Changed Phone #3 to Email Address and added ability to send email to one, all or marked records.
  Fixed Week of Month in Reminder Coming Events.
Version 1.54
  Added Return Addresses for Print Envelopes with Return Address database.
Version 1.53
  Added print envelopes.
Version 1.52
  Cleaned up code.
Version 1.51
  Added PhoneLog, keep a log of phone numbers dialed.
Version 1.5
  Added Avery labels! Print a whole sheet of the current record, pick and print one label on
a label sheet, print the entire database or print only marked records of a database. Tried
to use Microsoft Word interface without having Word installed on your computer but found out
Microsoft would have sued me. I setup the dimensions for two labels that I have and more will
come. A label is very easy to setup. More Help will be coming. Setup for user to email me
their Avery database, the labels that they setup will be added to the program updates.
Version 1.41
  Fixed some bugs.
Version 1.4
  Found a way to have ControlBox (X) quit to have minimize (_) without data lose.
Version 1.3
  Added Configuration for Dialing.
  Improved Help.
Version 1.2
  Added ALT/Letter keys, search for the 1st record that starts with that letter.
  Added Help.
Version 1.1
  Uploaded program install package to website for people to try!
  Developed easy upgrading system, download files and install: five minutes!
  Added Print Options form, print a memo.
  Added BackUp and Restore for databases and reminder file.
  Added Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete to textboxes.
  Finished Remind, reminds you of any coming event. Consists of two programs, one is part of
CardxWin to setup and edit the reminders. The other is a stand alone program that runs in the
back round in the tray next to the clock to notify you of the coming events.
  On first run, convert all DOS Cardx database files to the latest format in
C:\Program Files\CardxWin folder.
  Added ability to delete a database.
  Remember record that was last displayed and goto that record next time database is loaded.
  Added on screen popup Calendar.
  Made display only screen.
  Setup registration program to send an email to the customer and to put their information in
a database.
  Made mouse cursor turn to the Hand cursor when over an active control.
  Added Rename database.
  Setup ColorPicker to change color schemes.
  Setup for display or edit mode.
  Setup to Mark/UnMark records and Transfer marked records from one database to another or a
new one.
  Search for words or phrases with quotes around phrase.
  Made both sides of generating and encrypting Product Key for registration.
  Added registration form, 31 days for a trial period, writes an encrypted file for
registration key.
  Got drive operating system is installed in for dual boot people, make sure things are on
correct drive.
  Wrote Setup.exe install program, only CardxWin.exe and Setup.exe needed to install program.
  File load, remove blank records from database.
  Can't delete last record.
  First run, no database in folder, create user named database with one record in it with
HMcS info.
  First run, code carries revisions.
    Wrote RevsToArray.exe to read in Revisions.txt and write out RevArray.bas.
    Revisions are compiled into code and Revisions.txt file is created on a new install.
    Goal is to have only one file for a new install.
  Added Text Label clicks on right side.
  Makes QuickLaunch icon on first run for Windows 98/Me.
  View revisions, goes to last line of text.
  Automatically loads last used database file on startup.
  Added view revisions.
  Fixed PgUp/PgDn.
  Added Home button.
  Made horizontal menu same color as main form.
  Put controls on Up/Down arrows on knobs.
  Fixed cursor on several buttons and view revisions.
  Makes QuickLaunch icon on first run for Windows XP/2K.
  File load, verify each record for length, save bad records to desktop error file.
  Added search for name in database.
  Made everything fit on one forms with Cardx orange backround with knobs and shadow forms.
  Added PgUp/PgDn buttons.
  Added file select menu.
  Added horizonal menu.
  Field editor that works with insert/overstrike.
  Change cusor carat for insert or overstrike.
  Auto Complete fields.
  Make shortcuts to program on first run.
  Added UnDo to edit record.
  Added Add and delete records.
  Added Hangup 30 seconds after dial.
  Setup fields on form
  Load and save existing DOS databases.
  Put time and date on form.
Version 1.0
  Started project with Tapi Dialer.